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Our Core Values

For achieving our vision, we effort to build a strong business and unites people together. To achieve this, we have developed a range of values that help all employees have the same direction to reach the goal of becoming the best and most professional supply chain enterprise.

  • Knowledge Assets-innovation

Knowledge asset is the value of all the knowledge and ideas of people in an organization. Golden Ship strive to maintain a work environment that allows employees to fulfill their own potential and to encourage creativity, to work effectively and innovation. All employees are treated with care and respect.

  • Teamwork’s desires–care & support teammates.

When you’re in a team, you will become stronger. That’s why we work as a team when operating in a company, trust, credibility and integrity together, because if you want to go far, go together.

  • Value based respect  

Everyone, every organization has the same value. Respect is based on professional values, talents, ethics, wisdom, kindness.

With the Golden Ship values are respected including: 

  • Teamwork 
  • Integrity and Accountability
  • Respect and listen
  • Compliance with rules and law
  • Confidentiality and transparency.
  • Work 24/7

With a specialist logistics service connecting every point of the world, different working time, geographical distance between the point of delivery, Golden Ship is committed to the world’s freight circulation, we work 24/ 7 to deliver on time and every time.

  • Risk-Based Accountability  

When a possibility exists a deviation disadvantage compared with expected results, we shall take on risk-based accountability, all actions related to the explanation for the fact that is Golden Ship’s working style provide for customers, partners and investors.

  • Uncompromising Integrity-Appreciate trusty

We speak up and not compromise what conflict with the integrity ourselves and the company has established. We MUST doing based on the best benefits of Golden Ship and customers, not because of personal reasons, but to conflict, and lack of transparency. We need to be open and honest with each other, together appreciate mutual trust.

  • Protect Environment

Golden Ship is committed to sustainability and to conducting our business in a manner that respects the environment, which benefits our customers, our communities, our people, and our planet. We MUST NOT do anything that purposefully harms our communities or our environment.

  • Ethic in business-Compliance with rules, laws & trade regulations

Golden Ship choose a conscious way morally right, as opposed to the purely financial path, to create a culture of ethics in the company. We have concerns for anyone and anything affected by Golden Ship’s actions. This includes listening our customer feedback and assessing needs, appreciating opinions and treating employees equally, paying on time, and using fair purchasing for suppliers and respect the community.

We MUST comply strictly with all the current legislation which control of imports and exports, sanctions and policies comply with global trade, policies against corruption and policies against money laundering, prevent tax evasion, etc.